Catholic Spirit Radio
Jason talks about Catholic Schools week with Adrienne Wilson, Pat O’Brien and Molly Vogel from Corpus Christi Catholic School
Bob and Lynn discuss Catholicism: the church and the state
Bob and Lynn first talk about the Feast of the Epiphany then talk about a Catholic Answers magazine article called “A Mother’s Madness, a Culture’s Lie”
Jason talks with Fr. Mike Driscoll about his book, Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment
Bob talks with Dr. Carl J. Wenning, about the Star of Bethlehem
Jason talks with Karlo Broussard about his latest book: Meeting The Protestant Challenge
Bob and Lynn talk with Floyd Anderson about the Latin Mass
Jason talks with Catie about her reversion to the Church and Veiling.
Bob and Lynn first discuss the Archbishop Fulton Sheen beatification delay then continue their series about the book: Great Literature:What Every Catholic Should Know by Joseph Pearce.
Jason talks with Jimmy Akin about his latest book: The Bible Is a Catholic Book